Mr. Natwarlal (2024)

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“Mr. Natwarlal” is a riveting Kannada action thriller set to captivate audiences with its tale of deception and cunning. Inspired by the exploits of India’s notorious con artist from the 1950s, the film promises to unravel a gripping narrative of hacking and online manipulation, earning its protagonist the moniker of Mr. Natwarlal.

Quick Facts:

Quick Facts
Release Date23rd February 2024
Duration2 hours 10 minutes
GenreAction, Suspense, Thriller
CertificationUA (Parental Guidance Recommended)
Tanush ShivannaMr. Natwarlal
Sonal Monteiro
Nagabhushana N S
Rajesh Natranga
Yash Shetty
Cockroach Sudhir


Set against the backdrop of modern-day India, “Mr. Natwarlal” follows the journey of a skilled con artist who utilizes his expertise in hacking and online manipulations to orchestrate elaborate schemes. With law enforcement hot on his trail, he becomes virtually uncatchable, embodying the essence of his legendary namesake. As the stakes escalate and tensions mount, the lines between deceit and reality blur, leading to a thrilling showdown that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


The trailer of “Mr. Natwarlal” teases audiences with glimpses of intense action sequences and a compelling storyline filled with twists and turns. The film has garnered anticipation from audiences eager to witness the cat-and-mouse game between the protagonist and his adversaries. Early reviews praise the performances of the cast, particularly Tanush Shivanna, who portrays the titular character with finesse. The direction by Lava Kaggere and the gripping soundtrack by Dharma Vish add depth to the narrative, ensuring an immersive cinematic experience.


“Mr. Natwarlal” ek daur-e-hazir ke India ke mahol mein aik rochak kahani hai jo hacking aur online manipulations ki duniya mein ghumti hai. Is kahani mein ek chatur con artist ka safar dikhaya gaya hai jo apne chhal-kapat aur jhoot ke jariye apne shikar ko loot leta hai, aur isay Mr. Natwarlal ka laqab diya jata hai.

Film ke trailer ne dekhnay walon ko action aur suspence se bhari kahani ka aik jhalak di hai. Tanush Shivanna ne Mr. Natwarlal ka kirdar anjaam diya hai jo ke kaam mein tezi aur khudaraai se is kirdar ko nibhate hain. Lava Kaggere ki rehnumai mein yeh film ek mazboot narrative ke sath aik gehraai tak puhanchti hai, jabke Dharma Vish ki mohabbat bhari soundtrack ne is kahani ko mazeed rang aur gehraai di hai.

Film ke tamaam kalakar apne kirdar mein behad qabil-e-tareef hain aur unhon ne apne andaz mein chamak dikhaya hai. “Mr. Natwarlal” kaafi umeedwaron ka saath hasil kar chuki hai jo ke film ke rukh se waqif hain. Pehle reviews mein film ki tareefen milti hain, khaas kar Tanush Shivanna ka kirdar jo ke intehai sanjeeda tareeqay se nibhaya gaya hai.

In sabhi mamlat ko madde nazar rakhtay hue, “Mr. Natwarlal” aik zaroor dekhnay layak film hai jo ke audience ko apni khamoshiyon mein le jati hai aur unhein apne seaton par qaid rakhti hai. Yah film ek anokha safar hai jo ke dekhne walon ko yaadgar imaaraton ki duniya mein le jati hai aur unhein ek nayi duniya ka ehsaas dilati hai.


  • Tanush Shivanna as Mr. Natwarlal
  • Sonal Monteiro
  • Nagabhushana N S
  • Rajesh Natranga
  • Yash Shetty
  • Cockroach Sudhir


“Mr. Natwarlal” promises to be a thrilling cinematic ride, blending elements of action, suspense, and intrigue. With its engaging storyline, stellar performances, and expert direction, the film is poised to leave a lasting impression on audiences. Prepare to be enthralled by the exploits of India’s most elusive con artist as he navigates the intricate web of deceit in this adrenaline-pumping adventure.


What is the release date of “Mr. Natwarlal”?

The film is set to release on 23rd February 2024.

Who is the director of the movie?

“Mr. Natwarlal” is directed by Lava Kaggere.

What genre does the film belong to?

It falls under the genres of action, suspense, and thriller.

Who plays the lead role in the movie?

Tanush Shivanna portrays the titular character of Mr. Natwarlal.

Is “Mr. Natwarlal” suitable for all audiences?

The film carries a UA certification, indicating that parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.

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